About the Book

Talking Images: Idioms is a photocopiable resource book created by teachers for teachers.

Designed for busy teachers, each of the 12 themed units includes:

    • Comprehensive teacher’s notes including task answers and follow-up ideas
    • Original images for introducing and teaching idioms
  • Photocopiable worksheets containing tasks for both closed practice and communicative production.

Each unit is designed to cover a 45-60 minute lesson and is suitable for intermediate (B1) students upwards.

Here’s what teachers are saying:

This book is great, the lesson plans are clearly laid out and the language and content are exactly what I and my students need. Highly recommended. – Suzanne Naylor (Teacher, British Council, Barcelona)

The authors have come up with a book that’s full of useful high frequency idioms and loads of ideas for teaching them in the English Language Teaching classroom. In fact, there’s very little for the teacher to do – it’s all here. Photocopiable worksheets, teacher’s notes and an index of idioms for reference. The worksheets in this book are fun, and they work. Thank you! – S Kay (Teacher and Writer, Oxford)

I thoroughly enjoy teaching from Talking Images. I find the lessons varied in terms of the skills practised and very well designed. I find the idiom images fantastic and a really tangible way for my students to remember the idioms! By the end of a class recently, one intermediate level student even made a joke, accurately using two idioms which was fantastic! This is now a popular go-to book in my school. I look forward to using it more in the future! – Hannah Bironzo (ADOS. Hertford College EFL Programmes, Oxford)

Since discovering “Talking Images” teaching idioms has become a walk in the park! Tackling idioms theme-wise, my students enjoy the work sheets very much and as I take one chapter across several lessons as warm up, they keep revising the extraordinary and fun vocabulary. You couldn’t wish for more involvement! Talking Images… it truly is the bees knees!! – Cécil Mys (Teacher, The Netherlands)

From our review in English Teacher Professional:

This self-published photocopiable resource book is a delightful way of teaching idioms in a creative, meaningful and fun way.

I have tried out the units extensively with a number of students at different levels, and they have proved to be engaging and motivating. This book has also helped me supplement my main coursebook and add variety to my lessons.. I have also noticed that even after a few weeks, my students were still able to remember the expressions.

Talking Images: Idioms works with idioms like no other book I have encountered, and it is ideal for any level, but especially B1 upwards. It is very well thought-out, and I fully agree when the authors say it is ‘a resource book by teachers for teachers’. Not only did my students enjoy every single lesson in which we used it, but I did too, so I thoroughly recommend it.

(William Chaves Gomes, London, UK)

Talking Images: Idioms Book (£24.99) plus postage

Also available on Amazon, via Bournemouth English Book Company (BEBC) and at selected Blackwell’s shops.